Federico Protto

Federico Protto

a garden party

Exploring the dimensions of immortality in fashion, the collection aims to portray theoretical and historical research.


Each outfit is personified in playful metaphors associated with our party guests. The role-play of these characters come together for a theatrical reunion.


Joining us tonight will be the paradise gardener, Marie Antoinette undead, the fairy queen, grim reaper, the wardrobe essence, st. veronica, the executioner, the bed-sheet ghost & of course, genie in the bottle!



text federico protto & samuel craig dyer

laura as marie antoinette
daniel as the grim reaper
korinna as the executioner
nikolett as the fairy queen
csenge as the genie in a bottle





karol as the wardrobe essence
gus as the zen master
melinda as the paradise gardener
tünde as the icon/humpty dumpty
viviane as the bed sheet ghost
janka as st. veronika
edvin as the teufelchen

edvin langfeld as the photographer and editor
jordána kalmár & karol müller as the make up artists
teresa scutti as the caring catering mama <3

photography ugo camera for modalisboa
creative consulting & music mix stefan cantate
assistance ines cardoso


a manifestation

in the following I will write 13 short passages describing the 13 figures appearing in my 2018 collection entitled “immortality & fashion”


main figures


1 the zen master

2 the executioner

3 the paradise gardener

4 the wardrobe essence

5 marie antoinette

6 the grim reaper

7 the fairy queen

8 st. veronica

9 genie in the bottle

10 the teufelchen

11 the bedsheet ghost

12 the icon


extra figure

13 the reincarnation