Federico Protto

Federico Protto


A story by Eva Szombat, Karol Müller & Federico Protto.


In a world full of crime & hate she creates her own show. She is the show mistress and the showman in one, representing all those under-represented female drag-artists, she is a mix of a hazy make-up cloud, mother figure, Eastern-European luchadora and showbiz queen: not only does she do magic tricks but also she is the magic trick herself!


A story portraying various issues highly relevant in the man-ruled hetero-normative society of ex-communist state Hungary. Always on the edge of change it is organically important to portray topics of gender, cross-dressing, female drag scenery and women ruling in the showbiz!


Photography: Eva Szombat

Make-Up & Model: Karol Müller

Fashion Design & Styling: Federico Protto

Assistance: Botond Vadasz