Federico Protto

Federico Protto



Skinny hairy horny


Like the devil

Shady and poor

But kinda hot

And also

With back ache

You want me to massage you?

But i want to massage only the

Dream sheep.

So i will massage 

Only your






Spells are everywhere

I feel anxious and it’s my own fault

I am the witch bewitching myself carelessly

Spelling the word

Spilling it’s four letters

The four letter word, not careful enough…

A throwback to 1996,

Oh well age is just a number they say, 

but when will my age just be a number though?


Suspiciously, but all i want is to 





But it is already looking for the way towards the

Emergency exit, conscious of its

Unnatural necessity.

Oh it is SAD

But I can’t avoid and pretend and enact 

The non-sadness.

Because there it is, exposed and dressed

In whichever way you can imagine.





Like a soft

Bright tissued


A dreamy waking up feeling warm

Pulsating and loving

Pumping organism next to me

Wake up dreamy angel

All rosy cheeks

The breath of new life

Exchanging the sweet

Nimble moist

Fog of our morning garden

Mouth to mouth

Turning to

Shades of roses

The humble ones.


Or like a painting

Faces made by

A magicians brush

Under the hypnotic flashing

Of mother moon

In pure love and

Fruity pride

For the same blood

One shares.


Poems: Federico Protto

Photography & editing: Andras Vizi

Styling,make-up & concept: Federico Protto