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UFOs ORBs flying over Budapest, Hhungary7-nov-2018

Witness report: Filmed from phone onto iPad. Live feed via EarthCam orbs over Budapest. I was watching a live webcam feed on EarthCam at around 6 pm uk time. I noticed strange lights in the sky. I was watching on my iPad. As you can see I fumbled around with my phone then turned out the light to show the footage better. This is live and in real time. I was amazed and fascinated. The actual display lasted at least an hour before the webcam changed angles. The craft were almost playing with each other. Their movements are so fluid like a dance and they are leaving light trails behind themselves. They are moving in all directions at great speed.
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Person Catches Alien Walking In Trail In Budapest [March 25, 2015] 




2019-08-14 19:30

6 to 8 lights i thought it was fireworks then saw they were forming a pattern like an “x�. changed colors. they moved about changed directions and colors from oranges to blues to whites. they all disappeared, and then blinked back and then left again. 5minutes total.

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UFO sighting at Budapest, Hungary on June 6th, 2010.

I received a submission from Erik Gardner from Budapest, Hungary yesterday.

According to Erik the photograph above was taken along the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary on June 6th, 2010.

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This article was posted more than a year ago, the information provided may be out of date.

As a mysterious thunderstorm rained ice and lightning across Budapest on Monday night, an intrepid videographer claims to have captured footage of a powerful UFO landing in the city’s District XXI amid a massive explosion. Have beings from another planet touched down in the Magyar metropolis? Are aliens currently shape-shifting into human form to infiltrate Hungarian society? Will we soon spot little green men sightseeing around the Castle District, eating goulash at the Great Market Hall, and partying at the ruin pubs? See the video and decide for yourself – the truth is out there!

The skies above Budapest sparkled with blinding bolts of lightning on Monday night, providing perfect cover for an intergalactic vessel to arrive in Hungary’s capital unseen amid nature’s fury – but fortunately for humanity, a vigilant videographer who calls himself Martin Zsótér happened to be shooting footage of the storm just as the UFO allegedly landed. The 11-second video that Zsótér uploaded to his YouTube channel definitely portrays something inexplicable – a gigantic explosion of light that momentarily brightens the entire nighttime scene – and while skeptics may claim that this blast could have been caused by an Earthly source, Zsótér insists that he captured one or more UFOs, stating if not UFOs, does anyone have a better idea what could it be? If you dare to uncover the truth, watch the video below…

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UFO over Budapest, Hungary on August 19, 2011 video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 19, 2011

Location of sighting: Budapest, Hungary


This guy is Laslzlo and he is famous in the UFO community for the last few years for making us laugh, and catching great UFO orb videos in the day using a camera that can only see UV. Looks like he is using a Sony or Panasonic camcorder which does not filter UV rays and thus when he pulls down the built in night vision filter, it reveals cloud orbs. This is a famous technique and I myself (SCW) am currently trying to convert my own new camera to do this. 


Eyewitness states: “I filmed the strange cloud formations when one spheres UFO appeared, then vent in to the cloud. I have feeling to go out to filming the cloud formations and the 3 very fast moving UFO’s appeared and disappeared in to the cloud.I used to filming” IR.850 Infra red digital filter.Sony,DCR-.DVD.653E.Digital video camera. 30mm.”

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UFO sighting over Budapest 27th August 2012




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Photography: Tamás Bohus

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