Federico Protto

Federico Protto

The little box trees (buxus sempervirens) rest in their pots. The box tree is an amusing
companion, cheeky and pixy: a botanical sprite. Guided by his headstrongness he can
become several hundred years old. In Ireland you encounter savage growing box trees:
they grow wild and never got trimmed into shape. Very bizarre – cheerful and magical


This is one of the giant cottonwoods, the tallest trees growing in the back, at the border
of our garden. I call them my Pappelschwestern (poplar sisters), the announcers, the
ominous ones.
These aspens (populus tremula), whose foliage trembles and jingle from the slightest
breeze, announce any kind of change in weather, they warn us of the storm and the
tempest. They expose transitions of any kind. Spirit tree ladies commonly inhabit the


This is the small linden tree (tilia). Although we can only see the tree trunk in these
pictures, she is a true queen of healing through and through! Not only fresh tea from the
linden leaves heals – but also her scent during spring times spirits any gloomy
melancholia away!
The deep gaze into the linden blossom enlightens the inner vital light!
She is a very old and powerful protecting tree. But also the blue of this coat has a
healing effect – blue purifies and disinfects!


The stock of a tree I am holding wearing the white and blue striped shirt belonged to a
birch tree (betula).
Also, she is a tree of healing and protecting magic. A tree of light, especially for all
young women. For the adult women, she harbors wisdom and also the silver and white
hair. During spring-time she gives us fresh juice, it detoxifies and contains new life

(from ‘fashion & LIGHT ’, December 2017)


Anita Lerke, Anna-Sofie Lugmeier & Federico Protto



Photography: Anna-Sofie Lugmeier
Model, Text: Anita Lerke
Styling: Federico Protto

(all garments: Federico Protto/ except rubber boots, wool blanket: model’s own/ red
tainted glasses: stylist’s own/ cow-eye glasses: Federico Protto x Silhouette with special
thanks to Noemi Polo)