Federico Protto

Federico Protto

As FEDERICO LUZ I center the voice as a channeling and magical instrument. It moves within the interstice of music, fashion, and performance: 

How is the voice part of our dress? Of our sorcerous uniform? 

Through sonic constellations, the persona FEDERICO LUZ navigates as a mythical ferryman providing care and companionship on a collective journey. This hybrid musicology acts as a vessel and has set out to explore how kinship materializes across time and space.



The extended play FORMULAS roams through a series of modern spells for daily life. Invoking ancient god*desses, summoning natural phenomena, and addressing our endlessly mysterious affairs of the hearts, it provides a shimmering-warm vocabulary of re-orientation. FORMULAS is a language of the future, a map to the Inner-World.


selected shows:

Volkrsoom, Brussels, BE, 2021

22th International Feminist & Queer Festival Red Dawns, Ljubljana, SVN, 2021

Kolorádó Fesztivál, Budapest, HU, 2019

Hackney Downs, by the Kate-Bush-y Tree Trunk, London, UK, 2019

TAKE Festival for Fashion & Photography, Vienna, AT, 2019

Trampolin Residency, Kunsthaus Essen, DE, 2019

ANTIGONE Archive Opera, Schwere Reiter, Munich, DE, 2019

Tinta Art Cafe, Budapest, HU, 2019

shows 2019 photography
alexander schneider, adam terkövi, gergely ofner, marcel mayer