Federico Protto

Federico Protto

Series of 21 CD-Shirts, 2021

To make permeable the zones between the artistic fields my work traverses, I released the extended play FORMULAS in the form of a CD inside a garment sleeve. The edition of 21 vintage-sourced T-Shirts is embellished with hand-made patchwork from leftover materials from my textile work over the last three years. The extended play’s title, tracklist, and credits are printed on an A4-sized natural cloth resembling an untypically large clothing etiquette. This music/textile object/design/artifact can be stored either in the wardrobe or worn as a one-of-a-kind design piece.

Formulas Family

1 Marcx, poet, Rome

2 Federico, artists, Brussels

3 Hugo, watch maker, Geneva

4 Marieke, musician, Cologn

5 Massimo, hairdresser, Brussels

6 Anna, filmmaker, Brussels

7 Hannah, musician, Brussels

8 Luis, programmer, Lisboa

9 Valentine, fashion designer, Paris

10 Leonie, comic artist, Berlin

11 Paul, musician, Vienna

12 Yuhei, fashion designer, Tokyo

13 – unknown

14 Urska, musician, Ljubljana

15 Stefan, artist, Berlin

16 Nathaniel, dancer , Brussels

17 Aleks, choreographer, Berlin

18 Anita, therapist, Passau

19 Chloe, graphic designer, Brussels

20 Martin, producer, Brussels

21 – unknown