Federico Protto

Federico Protto

Music Video by Federico Luz & Túlio Rosa. Premier on 1st of June 2021.

Hechizo 2.1 is a swarm of magic to veil ourselves within. The words flow out of the mouth in a composition, trance-like, mediated through an ‘analog’ tech-medium, a nine euro usb microphone with an in-build speaker, the magic wand of contemporaneity creating the flickering shivering choir of voices, disharmonically wading in search of something greater:



Amor, amor, amor, that is what is called for!


The second music video from the project ‘Federico Luz’ for the song ‘Hechizo 2.1’ is directed by Túlio Rosa and stars Federico Luz & the textile artwork ‘pattern fever’ by Benjamin Mengistu Navet.

The video tells the story of a transformation from one shape to another: aided by the ritualistic everyday action of changing one’s clothes the magician emerges. And, through disappearing & microchip-sorcery, the magician opens up a utopian world of fantastic psychedelia.

This transformation also tells the narrative of a journey, from one place to another. And that is what unites the three entities in this video work. The three artists, Luz, Rosa, and Mengistu Navet meet with their different approaches to colonialism, composing an intense (mis-)match of poetry & sound (Luz), documentary and archival investigations (Rosa), and textile manipulation & knitting expertise (Mengistu Navet) through which methods they each individually research aspects of colonial notions.

hechizo 2.1

music video by tulio rosa & federico luz


camera edit direction tulio rosa

music styling federico luz

textile – benjamin mengistu navet

sound mastering – witch studios ?

recorded at a.pass

brussels 2021