Federico Protto

Federico Protto

Federico Protto X Silhouette Eyewear

This 2017 collaboration with the Austrian glasses producer Silhouette Eyewear bases on the collection 2017 non-corporeal. In early 2016, after visiting my birthland Uruguay after no having been there for 12 years, I started doing first drafts for this design. This journey made me realize more than ever, the strong effect globalization has on modern life on ideas of origin, tradition, and ancestry. Inspired by the gaucho culture of my Latin American origin, I wanted to create an accessory that could function as an artifact for a modern type of gaucho, a modern type of shaman, a techno-shaman so to say. This object combines elements inspired by cows or bulls horns with a type of fashion accessory associated with modern rave-culture, frameless sunglasses.

The cow-eyed sunglasses elevate the wearer to a state of spiritual love parade. Wherever they are: may it be on Róisín Murphy’s face for her tour since 2018 or worn by an Icelandic Valkyere’s face hiking a desolate volcano.


The collaboration with Silhouette Eyewear emerged organically in the development process with assistance by architect Noemi Polo. Silhouette had adequate technical abilities, perfectionism, style, history, and a big interest in modern and artistic design and I am very grateful for their kind and supportive sponsoring.

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assistance janina weißengruber
hair & make-up alexandra elena
assistance sandals karolina jurikova
models sofie, anna, paul & shaqil

photography & editing federico protto
model  helga fridriksdottir

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jens baert music photography
mikalai valadkevich
glenn tucker
jeffrey hietbrink
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