Federico Protto

Federico Protto

ANTIGONE - wir rufen dich jetzt an!!!

Sophocles’ Antigone is one of the most analyzed and interpreted tragedies. Now the figurehead is exhausted. Antigone doesn’t want to be our material, but our role model.


Antigone 2020 is a costume design collection created for a cross-disciplinary event embracing performance, dance, video, music, and theater.



This event presented at the Schwere Reiter theatre in Munich by 17 artistic positions is hosted by the collective rendezvous3000. At ModaLisboa, the collection is presented in a specifically developed installation format.

photography  ugo camera for modalisboa
models  felipe  tita  gino  vitor  jeff  beatriz  caviar

photography antonia rippel-stefanska
make-up diana barbosa gil
models anna-sofie diana stefan franziska federico paul leonard angela magdalena

selected photographs by Dan Gombos and Federico Protto from the series ‘Andalusional’