Federico Protto

Federico Protto

OLIVER is franziska schneeberger, anna-sofie lugmeier, stefan cantante, diana barbosa gil, federico protto

OLIVER is a hybrid formation of five individuals conflating the realms of performative and fine arts, a multi-identity and synergetic entity of Stefan Cantante, Anna Sofie Lugmeier, Diana Barbosa Gil, Federico Protto Scutti and Franziska Schneeberger. Born in 2016, the phantasmatic power figure OLIVER personifies an artistic collaboration.
The Goal: nothing less than crafting a new kind of language by intermixing individually different yet well-related bodies and expressions, competences, and logic, habits, and disciplines.
OLIVER works across distance, backed by its specific professional artistic practices extending from fashion and stage design to sculpture, photography, and film, as well as painting, performance, and theory. Based on intimate friendships since being bashful teenagers this kin-project has also developed into a long term artistic relationship and will continue with its first Live Performance in Summer 2019.

So far, it screened the short film project „Fishing in heavy liquids“ at the Hungry Eyes Film Festival, Giessen (DE), the fashion film project „On the Tip of the Tongue“ at Schikaneder Cinema, Vienna (AT), and appeared with different trailer and video works in Diana Barbosa Gil’s solo show „I go Humble“at wellwellwell gallery space, Vienna (AT).

At the end of Summer 2019, it debuted its cross-disciplinary performative live show “OLIVER’S ANTIGONE” hosted by the performative duo rendezvous3000, premiering on the 6th of September, 2019 at PATHOS Theater Munich (DE).




images klais styled, modeled, photographed, hair and make-up, editing, scenography & concept by OLIVER (for arachne almanac)

images antigone by bo vloors