Federico Protto

Federico Protto

My current ongoing work ‘MAPA’ researches methods to create cartographies of migratory experiences and intra-colonial memories. This is tested in a series of four ‘mapa:lecture-performances’, and a choreographic/performative format called ‘mapa:fragmentos’ including a duet with Jimena Pérez Salerno (Argentina/Belgium).


#1 ‘Piriapolis’ – The Green Corridor, Saint-Gilles, Brussels, Belgium 04-2023
#2 ‘ Candombe’ – Krabbe, floating platform, Berlin, Germany 09-2023
#3 tbc – kunstencentrum BUDA, Kortrijk, Belgium 12-2023
#4 tbc – Montevideo, Uruguay 03-2024


#1 Centro Cultural de España, Montevideo, Uruguay 03-2023
#2 The Green Corridor, Saint-Gilles, Brussels, Belgium 11-2023 duet with Jimena Pérez Salerno
#3 Centro CROMA, Montevideo, Uruguay 02-2024


How close or far are we from each other? How can we sense this space between us, unknown world anew? And what happens when creatures meet? What world is being created, who creates it, who inhabits it? How can all our stories can be interwoven?

The lecture-performances and the ‘fragmentos’  allow for dense research materials I collect in recent trips to Uruguay, to be situated and to interact. How to transmit knowledge inherent to the Global South in non-extractive ways? MAPA aims at strengthening cross-continental togetherness, shifting our understanding and perception of distance, and growing compassion.

lp1 performance images Sam/The Green Corridor
lp2 camera by Susanne Grau
fragmentos 1 performance images by CCE
fragmentos 2 camera by Anna Lugmeier